Referrals & Rebates & Fee Payment | Dr Lynne Steele

Dr Lynne Steele does not bulk bill. A significant Medicare rebate is available for all clinical appointments with Dr Steele, provided you have a current referral at the time of consultation.

A referral from a General Practitioner is required to see a Psychiatrist. This is valid for 12 months. After 12 months patients are required to get a new referral to continue to claim their Medicare rebate.

When the referral is from one specialist doctor to another (eg Paediatrician, Psychiatrist or Neurologist) this referral is valid for 3 months. After this time a new referral will be required if ongoing treatment is necessary.

A General Practitioner can provide a 12-month or an indefinite referral to a Psychiatrist, depending on your needs.

The cost of your appointment will vary depending on the length and nature of the session. ‘The gap’ refers to the monetary difference between what the Doctor may charge you and the Medicare rebate. This is the out of pocket cost.

Dr Lynne Steele bases her fee structure on the AMA recommended fee schedule for appointments and QCOMP/ Workcover recommended fee schedules for most reports.